Marquee Gazebos: The Perfect Addition to Any Outdoor Event

Often there is a confusion between marquee gazebo and the words are interchangeably used, whereas the truth is that both are completely different from each other. Gazebos are small tents or temporary structures used for in-house events or parties, whereas marquees are large tents required for large-scale commercial or personal functions involving a large number of attendees.

Large gazebo tent
Large gazebo tent for large gathering

Marquees are heavy duty tents with a folding frame that can accommodate a larger crowd. It is mostly used for commercial purposes but is even used for hosting big parties at home or at some other rented place. A fascinating fact about marquees is that we can decorate them to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. It gives a new touch to the whole atmosphere.

There are different types of marquees available, and depending on the theme, a decision can be made about the lighting scheme, stages, heating area, barbeques, et all. A marquee is a fixed thing or can be fixed to a place for a longer period of time.

Folding Gazebo
Folding Gazebo

A pop up gazebo is a lightweight tent used for small functions. It can be used for camping, for garden get-togethers to add zing, or for children’s birthday parties. There are also folding gazebos available that can be used for mountain camping or lakeside camping. In one word, these are easy to carry and are manageable, so they are favorites with travelers and campers. It goes without saying that they are a cost-effective solution for quick cover required for your stall at parks or for something similar. is a supplier of heavy-duty gazebos and marquees in Australia. If you want to talk about it and learn more about their purpose and utility, give us a call; we’d love to talk with you whenever it’s convenient for you.

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