Portable Medical Facility Options

Give your Portable Medical Facility the Mountain Shade treatment with UVF50+, Duty of Care compliant Branded Advertising shelter products from Mountain Shade. We supply Heavy Duty printed marquees (that are easy to setup and pack away quickly)  Branded inflatable marquees, Printed table covers Tear drop banners and much more to your portable medical Tents facility. Our products have been perfected to give you maximum brand presence with a range of intuitive features for easy use and longevity, giving you excellent value for your investment. Our portable Medical Tents Facility customers tell us they have better patient attendance, more worker participation and generally more efficient medical client processing with a Mountain Shade setup. DONT DELAY – Protect your medical staff at your mobile medical facility ,  with increased employee engagement and address your Duty of Care obligations with a Mountain Shade portable Medical Facility Package.

Heavy Duty 600D PVC Coated Polyester

Approved for UVF 99%, Waterproof, Fire Rated and Wind rated w/ Engineer docs inc in Employer Duty of Care package.

Approved as Outdoor Temporary structure – Victoria Building Code

Employer Risk Mgt/DoC Package available. Support and Maitenance Packages – so you will always be able to use them.

Popular Sizes:

3x6m, 10x5m, 20x10m, 8x4m

Portable Medical facility tents are an important capability for Rapid Response situations and Mobile Medical Treatment.. If you need additional and fast deployment Medical Treatment capacity, we have some innovative solutions that can be erected in hours. Branding such a structure gives you excellent Marketing presence and brand awareness

Additional Bed capacity for Emergencies is something we can help with. Fast Deployment is a specialty of our system and it can be deployed with partitions or without.

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