Why Select a Mountain Shade

Australla’s Superior Choice of Heavy Duty Event Marquee and Branded Marquee Options

Why we only offer “the Good Stuff”

Folding Marquees and Gazebos seem to be offered by more and more companies nowadays. Buying the WRONG  Marquee, Shade, Pop-up tent or Gazebo from a Hardware store, Promotional Goods Supplier, Sign Shop, Camping Store, or Online discount sites can get you into a lot of trouble. Especially if you want to use it at Public Events and locations such as Sporting Events, Markets, School Events, Festivals, Fete, Trade Shows and even a BBQ in the park. These events involve the general public, and having a cheapy marquee that is not Australian Standard Certified and does NOT have proven wind performance can exclude you from the event.

Apart from looking like you have a Cheapy marquee, the frames from brands stocked at the above suppliers can also break in light wind, the fabric rips easily in light wind and the marquee doesnt protect from UV rays. Cheap Marquees can be dangerous to other people around you. Always buy your Marquee from a specialist supplier such as Mountain Shade so you can get the correct equipment for use at Public Events and locations.


Some companies offer cheap marquee’s, with claimed Engineer certification that are so flimsy, they cant handle anything more than 45kmh winds ( which is a minor wind gust). If you are offered a marquee with Australian Certification to AS1170 – check its specifications with your Event Manager before you make a commitment to buy. You dont have such issues with a Mountain Shade.


  • EVERYDAY Lower Prices for Genuine Quality.
  • A Not-to-Fade Printing Warranty with our Custom branded Marquee’s and Flags and Table Covers – we will replace them at our cost.
  • Graphics Design Services are INCLUDED in our Custom Branded Marquee’s at NO EXTRA COST.
  • Short lead-times (with or without branding) guaranteed
  • Australian Standard Certified Marquee/Gazebo Frames ( by an Australian based Engineering firm ) using our famous HEX alloy technology
  • Wind Rated Frames – capable of upto 100km/h ( so it will handle a gust of wind ). Hex is stronger and lighter than a square leg marquee
  • Fire Rated to Australian Standards  Roof and Walls – so you can BBQ under it and it wont burn up
  • Waterproof Rated to Australian Standards Roof and Walls – so it will keep you dry when it gets wet
  • UVF50+ Rated Roof and Wall fabrics – so its like having 50+ suncreen on when you are under it
  • Up to 22 Roof and Wall colours
  • Market leading Frame and Print warranties – upto 12 years
  • Suitable for Public Event use as we have the full Risk Management documentation package ( available to customers only )
  • ABOVE ALL, WE ARE SIMPLY LOWER IN PRICE THAN OUR COMPETITORS EVERYDAY – FOR QUALITY  PRODUCTS ( we dont sell Cheapy’s )You have worked hard to raise and save money for your  Marquee setup. Spend it wisely. You can Contact us on 1300 320 540 or email us on sales@mountainshade.com.au


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