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Darwin’s First Choice For Branded Marquees & Gazebos

Take your corporate or community advertising and branding to new heights in Darwin with Mountain Shade’s exceptional range of printed marquees, gazebos, and other custom display products. Our commitment to superior quality and durability elevates our position in the Northern Territory marketplace. We deliver outstanding, printed event shelters for optimal advertising reach for local businesses, community groups, and residents with across the city centre, suburbs and surrounding NT regions. Your Mountain Shade personalised shelter serves as a mobile billboard, capturing memorable attention wherever you use it. From the Darwin CBD to notable locations like the Waterfront Precinct, Cullen Bay, or the captivating Litchfield National Park, you’re assured premier brand visibility and recognition. Set them up and watch your custom shelters effortlessly broadcast your message.

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Discover Our Vast Branded Shelter and Display Range

In Darwin, no matter your event’s size and nature, Mountain Shade is your reliable 2IC in communicating your brand. Our expansive product range, designed to maximise your exposure, includes:
  • Marquees
  • Gazebos
  • Star tents
  • Teardrop banners and signs
  • Flags
  • Inflatable marquees
  • Additional shade options
Whether you’re in the middle of Darwin’s wet or dry season, our gazebos and marquees offer robust cover and premier spots for branding. Perfect for year-round events, whether downtown or in suburban areas, they cater to the specific demands of your particular function. Just as you need it. 

Sturdy and Dependable Branded Shelter Solutions For Any Function

For any function or event you’re organising, you can rely on Mountain Shade to deliver the perfect canopy solution that meets your needs. Among the many functions and events we accommodate are: 
  • Market booths
  • Educational functions
  • Exhibition branding
  • Community gatherings
  • Sporting / athletic associations
  • Corporate campaigns
  • Racing team shelters
  • Outdoor adventure cover
  • Mobile workspaces
  • Portable medical facilities
Drawing on our advertising and branding expertise, and commitment to premier-level service, Mountain Shade guarantees that your message will stand out when and where you need it to.

Custom Branding That Snatches The Spotlight

In the highly competitive environment of Darwin, standing out matters. Thankfully, standing out is exactly what you can do when you turn to Mountain Shade’s custom branding solutions.We cater to the full spectrum of indoor and outdoor venues, with an expansive range of branding products tailored to your particular needs. Imagine your logo on striking, full-colour printed gazebos at trade fairs, or on elegant, custom marquees at sporting events. Our skilled designers use cutting-edge technology to bring your unique brand ,logos and ideas to life using durable, premium materials and displays. Whether your focus is on launching a corporate image, increasing visibility of a local sporting club, or communicating a community group’s message, trust Mountain Shade to be the driving force behind your advertising journey at every step.

Darwin’s Gold Standard For Event Branding Shelters

Mountain Shade leads the charge in event branding in Darwin. Here’s why we’re the go-to choice within the community.
  • Extensive industry knowledge: With nearly 15 years as a trusted provider, we deliver a wide array of products perfect for any commercial, residential, or community occasion.
  • Tailored design superiority: Recognised as one of Australia’s premier fabric dye sublimation specialists, we craft unique custom-printed pieces. Included in the price is our graphic design services to enhance your organisation’s branding. 
  • Robustness and resilience: Our commercial-grade marquee frames, in hexagonal or octagonal options,deliver superior stability and comply with tough Australian standards.
  • Advanced printing methods: We use inks that maintain their colour and top-tier materials for vibrant, long-lasting promotional displays.
  • Genuinely Australian: Choosing a Mountain Shade marquee or gazebo means selecting Aussie-built structures and locally-manufactured print materials.
  • Effortless set-up: Our designs are intuitive, promising swift and straightforward assembly for your happenings.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Take advantage of up to a 12-year warranty on alloy marquee frames, model-dependent.
For endurance, quality, and visual impact— traits synonymous with Darwin—Mountain Shade stands head and shoulders above the pack as your go-to supplier.

Embrace the Mountain Shade Difference at Your Upcoming NT Event

Become part of the extensive network of Darwin businesses, community groups, and local residents who have selected Mountain Shade to enhance their functions and events. From the picturesque charm of Darwin Harbour to the vibrant events at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, our gazebos and marquees have become a staple at a range of occasions. Elevate your brand to new heights. Discover the distinctive qualities that make Mountain Shade stand out and watch your brand emerge into the spotlight at your next Darwin event.

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