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Mountain Shade manufactures custom awnings, marquee, starshade, banner flag and umbrella. We offer expert installation and our products are backed by a Best shade warranty.

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Mountain Shade Warranty


With every Mountain Shade product, this includes Folding Heavy Duty Marquee , Starshades,  Banners and Flags and Inflatables we offer the  Mountain Shade  Megaframe Manufacturers Warranty.Mountain Shade Warranty details are availiable here:

What you get in the Box:

You will find your new marquee, starshade, banner flag and umbrella easy and safe to handle giving you many years of dependable service when used properly. Caution Note: Carefully read through the entire instruction manual, watch our Youtube channel video’s on how to erect and use our marquee’s and other products, and read this Warranty before using your new Mountain Shade products. Please pay attention to the cautions, and warnings below.

Contents of a Mountain Shade Megaframe Product Carton Package

  • Frame Unit
  • Fabric Unit ( Roof, Walls etc ) in its own packaging
  • Carry Bag on wheels or Carry Bag.
  • Quality Guy ropes ( marquee only )
  • Plated Steel Pegs (Large)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Australian Standard Structural Certification & Engineer’s certificate ( on request/download) ( marquee only)
Unpacking the Carton Due to our proven production techniques, it is highly unlikely that your Mountain Shade Marquee will be faulty or a part is missing. If you find anything out of place or not working as it should, do not use the product until the parts have been replaced or the problem has been rectified. Failure to do so could result in injury. Contact us or your Reseller immediately you discover an issue.Maintenance Mountain Shade products are high quality and as a result, perform better with routine maintenance. We do recommend that a general inspection is performed regularly. A regular check that involves inspecting all the fixing screws and bolts are tight, and a silicon-based lubricating spray on moving parts will extend the life of your Mountain Shade, and keep that “new marquee” feeling.Cleaning CAUTION: Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the products roof, awning or side walls. A small amount of mild detergent with warm water applied via a damp soft cloth is recommended. CAUTION: Do not use a high powered hose or pressure washer to clean the products roof or side walls as it may damage the material and remove the various treatments applied to your roof, walls or awning. WARNING: Use of incorrect or non recommended cleaning agents, techniques or chemicals may discolour, damage the underlying material or make your product fade prematurely and as result, void your warranty. WARNING: Mountain Shade Fabric items such as roof and walls are to be removed from the frame for transportation and storage. Whilst it may be convenient to keep these fabric products on the frame for transportation and storage ( co-habitation), this may create accelerated wear and tear. Warranty claims will be void if they are as a result or suspected to be a result of co-habitation of the marquee frame and roof.Get familiar with your product Before using the Mountain Shade Marquee, familiarize yourself with all of its operating features and safety requirements. Use the product only for its intended purposes.CAUTION: Your Mountain Shade product is not warranted to be a permanent structure. It is to be used as a portable and temporary shade/weather solution only. Whilst our products  have superior all weather performance, it should be used with common sense and not operated in extreme weather conditions or used in a continuous manner outdoors. WARNING: Use of your Mountain Shade product as a permanent structure will cause your product to wear and fade prematurely and will void your warranty.Safety Requirements WARNING: Always lift the products with care and use a minimum of 2 adults ( for marquee’s, starshade and umbrellas ) to prevent serious personal injury. WARNING: Always assemble/erect and disassemble/de-erect this item with a minimum of 2 adults to prevent  injury or undue product stress/mis-use. SUGGESTION: Store all documentation in a safe place.

Warranty Duration

Your Mountain Shade Marquee frame uses our unique Megaframe technology. Your warranty is based on which Megaframe technology and materials are used in your product. Our Megaframe based Marquees come in the following warranty categories:
  • Megaframe 40S Steel Frame( MF40S & MFC30) – 3 Years Warranty Period
  • Megaframe 46A Alloy  Frame (MF46A & MFC42 & MFG42) – 6 Years Warranty Period
  • Megaframe 58A Alloy  Frame (MF58A) – 12 Years Warranty Period
  • All Polyester Fabric stock and premium colour Roofs and Walls are made of high-quality heavy-duty polyester based fabric material. These fabric based products are not warranted for the same period as the frame of the marquee, as they are wear and tear items that are designed to be replaced. These fabric based products carry a warranty of 90 days from receipt of the goods. In this period, we expect you would notify us of any problem with the fabric based product so we can rectify the situation immediately based on your first and subsequent use of the product. Notification and warranty claims after this period are deemed not to be a manufacturing error.
  • All PVC stock and premium Fabric Roofs and Walls are made of heavy duty PVC and UV resistant colours. These PVC based products are warranted differently to Polyester. Our PVC Fabric includes  a 90 days from reciept of goods warranty against manufacturing errors and 12 month not-to-fade colour warranty.These PVC based products are not warranted for the same period as the frame of the product, as they are wear and tear items that are designed to be replaced. In the warranty period, we expect you would notify us of any problem with the PVC based product so we can rectify the situation immediately based on your first and subsequent use of the product. Notification and warranty claims after this period are deemed not to be a manufacturing or product attribute error.
  • All Printing artwork and designs must be approved by you, within 30 days of placing an order or approving an order for production or additional costs may apply. This is required as printing materials are subject to price fluctuations and delays in printing approval could lead to additional costs.

Warranty Applicability

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your complete satisfaction with our product, manufacturing errors can occur in a mass manufacturing process. As a result a product may have a manufacturing error or not function correctly and you may need the help of our service department.WARNING: There are suppliers who sell copies of Mountain Shade Products. These copies may seem similar in appearance and based on supplier claims, but are not made using the same materials including fabrics, quality of fasteners and engineering certification. Donot use inferior quality parts from such copy products on your Mountain Shade as your warranty may be rendered void as a resultThe frame of your Mountain Shade Megaframe product is warranted for the warranty period based on the frame category, which is based on which Megaframe version product you have, from the date of original purchase, as evidenced by your receipt of sale or proof of purchase. If we or our dealer/distributor finds the product to be defective in materials or workmanship, the frame or the faulty component will be replaced free of charge with another of the same item. A freight charge may apply.All other components of your marquee ( such as roof, walls, awnings, half walls or any attachments ) are warranted for workmanship and not for the Megaframe warranty period.. This means that you should inspect these items for any workmanship or manufacturing defects on receipt of the goods. We will accept any such warranty claims within 14 days of receipt by you of the goods. If you have used the marquee and suffered  any wear and tear of the product/s, this is not covered by our warranty.Mountains Shade Megaframe Products are strictly non-permanent temporary structures ( which means they cannot be left up for than 24hrs at a time and then must be packed away and all fabric dried and cleaned and frame inspected  for serviceability before re-use – with re-use subject to improved weather conditions ) and usage should always be performed with a responsible person supervising the erection, usage at all time the unit is erected and de-erection of the marquee frame and its accessories and as such are not designed nor warranted to perform in any way as permanent structures or temporary structures of any kind during extreme or adverse or inclement weather conditions ( which means in windy, rainy, wet, and foggy conditions typically but not limited to these definitions  ). Our Megaframe marquee’s do possess Australian Standard Certification for their structural attributes and wind ratings for maximum wind loads it may experience, but we do recommend common sense prevail and the item be de-erected as soon as possible in uncomfortable, windy, rainy or any outdoor weather conditions a reasonable person would deem unsafe and/or uncomfortable to ensure you get the maximum return on investment by minimising the exposure of the marquee frame to physically stressful weather conditions. You may use our marquee’s in windy conditions, which is defined as the wind rating of the Megaframe model you have, as per our Australian Standard Certification wind ratings and corresponding MINIMUM hold down weight supplied to you based on your request on the purchase of the product. Please note that wind ratings specify a MINIMUM hold down weight or force on the legs of the marquee to ensure performance in the windy conditions. If you have not placed the minimum specified  or greater weight on the legs of the marquee or have not secured the MINIMUM hold down weight to the marquee legs adequately for the conditions you are experiencing, and the marquee is damaged somehow, this will not be covered by warranty.

Printing Warranty

The Mountain Shade Outdoor Grade Dye Sublimation printing system is warranted for polyester based roof, walls, awnings and banners. This warranty is for a specified period, based on your delivery date. Whilst a workmanship warranty applies as per regular Mountain Shade products, the Deluxe printing option has a not-to-fade Printing Warranty which applies specifically to any visible fading of the printed roof panel/banner or wall, when used as a non-permanent temporary structure as per our usage guidelines. The warranty does not include any abrasion or transportation or storage related wear.Mountain Shade PVC Fabric based printing has a different warranty to our Dye Sublimation printing system.If your Mountain Shade printing product does show signs of fading within the warranty period and you choose to make a claim, Mountain Shade must review and approve the claim. Mountain Shade use special equipment based on physical examination to determine whether the item has been used in accordance with its product usage guidelines. Any warranty claims supplied via photograph or image of any type cannot be accepted as proof of failure and Mountain Shade reserves the right to request the faded item be sighted and tested prior to warranty determination. The physical item must be sent at the customers’ cost for warranty consideration to Mountain Shade. Approved warranty claim items will be sent back to the customer at Mountain Shades expense at its convenience and selected method of shipping.Warranty Duration Your Mountain Shade Marquee or Banner Flag uses our unique Outdoor Grade Printing System which carries a warranty period of:
  • Regular Outdoor Grade Polyester Printing System – 30 days Warranty Period ( workmanship only )
  • Deluxe Outdoor Grade Polyester Printing System – 1 Years Warranty Period for Not-to-Fade
  • PVC based material Printing System – 30 days Warranty Period ( workmanship only )
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